The Digital Notepad for Professional Interpreters is an advanced tool specifically designed for consecutive interpreting, aiming to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the interpreting process. This tool incorporates real-time speech recognition technology, which transcribes spoken language in real-time and displays the transcription on the screen, allowing interpreters to follow along more effectively.

The system's automatic highlighting of numbers in the transcribed text (doing conversions if "convert" is selected) assists interpreters in quickly identifying and recalling essential information. Additionally, the Digital Notepad offers a feature where users can select specific words or phrases for immediate translation, facilitating more accurate interpretation in multilingual contexts.

A notable aspect of the Digital Notepad is the dedicated note-taking panel situated on the right side of the screen. This space provides interpreters with an area to record key points, concepts, or reminders, thereby contributing to a more accurate and consistent interpretation of the speaker's message.
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